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Capturing the Beauty of Wildlife with Every Brushstroke

Welcome to my Wildlife Art exhibition. (by the way, I don't always look this serious in the photo, I'm staring at my canvas and concentrating on my next painting)

I specialize in creating very fine detail paintings of wildlife including close-up portraits and animals set in their natural habitats. My latest collection includes an appreciation of just how many endangered wild cats are left in this world. I have only scratched the surface with 9 paintings.  To highlight the situation I have just completed my latest painting of a female Snow Leopard with her two cubs, another one on the list of these 14 critically endangered animals. My collection also includes a set of  English deer throughout the four seasons. With over 50 years of self-taught experience, my previous works have been exhibited in the Royal Academy and most recently 8 of these paintings have been featured in the Daily Mirror newspaper. My past commissions include the famous racehorse Altesse Royale, winning the 1000 Guineas, English and Irish Oaks.

To create each painting I only use the finest gallery premium canvas from HM Canvases Ltd and each one is framed by Artifax Ltd.  To achieve the fine detail I paint in acrylic. Each of my works is a one-of-a-kind and includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity. ‘In addition, each painting has a high-quality set of 50 signed and numbered limited edition prints. Each print comes with the printer-signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Protecting our future wildlife

For every sale of my limited edition wildlife prints or for an original painting, I am donating 10% of profits towards the Born Free Foundation. The Born Free Foundation is an International wildlife charity rescuing and protecting wild animals from exploitation and conserving threatened species and their natural habitats for generations to come.

In 1966, Virginia McKenna DBE and Bill Travers MBE starred in the classic wildlife film Born Free. The film told the true story of conservationists Joy and George Adamson rescued a lioness cub called Elsa and successfully returned her to the wild. The trust works tirelessly to stop the exploitation and suffering of wild animals, whether living in captivity or the wild.

From the start, they have campaigned for a future where animals and people can coexist and where threatened and endangered species are protected for generations to come.

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